Blinds "Solar Sail"

  • Suitable for both office areas and home interiorszaliuzes saules bures
  • Allows to regulate the the intensity of light (the rays of the sun)
  • Suitable or dividing spaces and ensuring privacy
  • Easy maintenance: the blinds are made from waterproof and hard fabrics that do not gather dust
  • Wide range of textures, colours, and shades
  • The is an option of combining ribbons of different colours or shades of the same and   d/or diferent fabrics on a single ste of blinds.

Technical specifications of vertical blinds Solar sails

  • The blinds can be installed on unhinged windows, inside niches, over a niche (on the wall), or to the ceiling
  • The blinds are produced from 127 mm wide lamellas
  • The blinds can be regulated by a chain or a string
  • An option to regulate the ribbons according to your needs by setting tge rotation angle and the their position (sliding them either to the sides)
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