Blinds system "Coralis"

It is a unique roller system, that has no analogues in Lithuania. Highly reliable spring assists and shutters automatically rolls easily when pulled to the lowe profile or the control I ropes. Feel the lightness when using and shipping work of the mechanism will simultaneously control up to 15 rollers atdvigubo audinio roletai su coralis sistema a time, easily as one.

Single cord

Jus an easy gesture and roller will stop or fully roll up. The Single Cord can also be operated as a Cordless spring blind. Automatic spring system Child Safe is the new benchmark for roller blind nowadays. This innovative is fully complies with the new anti - strangling European rules.

Elegant aesthetically pleasing, dependable and child proof.


Spring operated roller blind with high precision mechanical brake. The blind can be stopped at any point with the utmost precision. It can be released and stopped again witg a vert soft touch. The rewinding is slow, constant and neat. A precide stop is also available for the top run end.

Touch and close

All the benefits of the Power Chain plus the "Touch and Go" innovative drive: a light tear to the chain and the blind will wind up automatically till the top. The Touch and Go can also operated as a Cordless Spring blind. The blind operated with Touch and Go is smooth, precise and elegant.

Double roller 

The solution thar combines two blinds in one. With the double roller mechanism ir is possible to have two different blind in the same space. The two blinds can be operated separately at any time. The space needed is the same like for the single roller because the two tubes are installed one on top the other.

Multi - joint

Suprising and unprecedented, the Multi Joint mechanism can operate up to 15 blinds simultaneously with one chain drive only. No need to open or close the blinds installed one by one: all the blins connected will go uo or down smoothy pulling the only one chain placed on the right or the left side. Save time and save money: one chain drive instead of 15 and no motors, no switches, no problems.


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