Exclusive line of roller blind

Supreme manufacturing technology using stainless steelroletai su nerudyjancio plieno kasete

  • Light curtain – the highest level of aluminium construction illuminated by light emitting diodes (LEDs)
  • Convenient control using a metal chain or an electric roller shade mechanism
  • Uniquely, the roller can be installed in conjunction with a curtain

Offers the highest level of exceptional opportunities. The introduction of modern technology lighting solutions with strong alumin roller schutters takes on a new, luxuriuos expression. Using opportunities of light emitting diode we offer - LIGHT CURNAINS. This flux creates a cirtual curtain. Light - emitting diodes - LEDs - provided light will reduce the visibly of the room from the outside. Using this system, blinds and roller shade can be integrated. The enique system is controlled optionally by motorized roller shade mechanism or metal chain.

Motorized vertical blinds

  • Maksimum available width 600 cm
  • A wide variety of opening/closing options (from the left, from the right, from the centre to the sides, from the sides to the centre) and various tilting controls
  • Special silent motors for convenient and quiet control
  • Dual - function motor for various blind controls 

 Motorized exterior roller blinds with a stainless streel cartridge

roletai su nerudyjancio plieno kasete

  • Various case colours are available
  • Longevity and reliability
  • High quality and stylish case
  • Hi - tech product
  • Installed with stainless steel guides or ropes. Protect against wind, rain, and curious strangers
  • Can be installed in the window niche, saves internal space. Wireless control – no need to plug in or use additional wires
  • Remotes with solar sensors – when the sun is shining, the roller blinds are raised or lowered automatically
  • The remotes cab be configured individually to respond to the percentage of sullight in a selected area (the sensor suits all motors, exoect for battery - powered motors)

Motorized curtain panels

  • Maksimum available width: 600 cm
  • Special silent motor with optimal opening/closing functionality
  • a wide variety of opening / closing options (from the left, from the right, from the centre to the sides, from the sides to the centre)


Linea 3-in-1 system: curtain, illumination and roller blinds

  • Mechanical or motorized control
  • LED illumination
  • The illumination and the roller blinds can be connected together (or you can add the curtain)
  • Unique  3-in-1 stainless steel roller blind system (roller blinds + curtain + LED)

Interior blinds

  • Wireless motors with batteries
  • Unique wirelessly-controlled rollers
  • The batteries are charged in 8 hours and last 8 months (in the case of 2 full openings/closings per day)
  • No need to break a wall or lay a cable
  • Especially suitable for windows in gigh places if controlling them mechanically would be problematic



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