Outdoor blinds

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The most efective protection against the rays of the sun:

  • the blinds are installed not inside, but outside. This deflects up to 80 per cent of the rays of the sun than normally go through the window
  • the air that circulates between the blinds and the window does not become hot
  • the blinds can regulate the lighting in the room by directing the light towards the ceiling or the floor. This is particularly important in ensuring a quality environment in an office setting (which is a requirement in work safety regulations)
  • in daytime hours, the blinds help maintain the pleasantly cool temperature (providing optimum protection against overheating), also helping to save on heating expenses in winter, acting as an additional thermal bridge
  • not many administrators of premises fully take into account the air-conditioning expenses – horizontal façade blinds considerably reduce air conditioning costs

Fasade blinds are exceptionally reliable

  • this is an eco-friendly products because the slats are made of aluminium
  • renowned for their anticorrosive properties
  • resistance to UV rays
  • other atmospheric effects (profiles feature special polymer coating)

Technical specifications of horizontal facade blinds

Options for regulating horizontal facade blinds:

  • we do not recommend choosing the manual regulation method, which requires drilling through the wall or the window frame to fit a handle, because this makes it easier for dust to enter the room in summer, while in winter the resulting difference between temperatures increases the condensation of water
  • we recommend using an electric mechanism with a switch instead
  • or an electric mechanism with a remote control
  • or an electric mechanism by connecting the blinds to the "Smart House"system

We do not recommend using blinds ar temperatures lower than -5 °C, because the blinds are intended for the warm season.

A wide range of colours, with more than 20 standard shades.

The width of slats ranges from 50 to 150 mm, depending on the architectural considerations of the building.

Do you know that...

During the warm season, horizontal facade blinds help maintain an uo to 9 Co cooler temperature in the room.

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