Pleated blinds

The windows decorated with pleated blinds will imbue your interior with cosiness and distinctiveness extracting the indiciduality of its spirit.polisuotos zaliuzes 1

Characteristics of pleated blinds 

  • modern protection against direct sunlight and convenient regulation of the light coming through the window
  • easily adaptable to windows of various dimensions and shapes, as well as doors and skylights
  • sturdy, hard, and durable construction
  • the blind fabric is evenly lowered and raised using a handle, a string, a chain, a stick, or an electric mechanism
  • profile colour options: white, silver, dark brown, brass
  • colour options for plastic components: white, grey, black

Our collection of pleated blinds features fabrics with a wide range of textures and shades that will please even the most demanding customers. The collection comprises as much as some 300 diferent fabrics!


Pleated blindsare part of interior that can easily be fitted to any window. With the help of these you can regulate the ligt in your room according to your needs.

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  • Due to convenient regulation, the fabric of pleated blinds will always remain clean and undamaged
  • You can lower or raise the fabric using a handle, a string, a chain, a stick, or an electric mechanism
  • The fabric of the blinds can be fixated at a desired height


  • The fabric of pleated blinds is easy to maintain
  • You can wash the fabric at 30o using a mild detergent (see pictures 2 and 3)
  • Fold the blinds after washing to drain the water (pic. 4)
  • Hang the folded blinds on their holders and then lower and raise it several times to prevent the folds from sticking together (pic. 5)
  • Leave the folded blinds to hang for 12 hours to allow the folds of the fabric to retain their shape (pic. 6)
  • When washing the blinds, keep the mechanic parts further away from watercleaning pleated blinds
  • It is not recommended to use acid or alkaline detergents for cleaning window frame or glass, because they may damage the blind fabric, profiles, or other components

Tips for owners

  • We do not recommend fitting pleated blinds in wet or unheated areas or in outdoor conditions
  • The blind fabric is lowered and raised only by using a handle, a string, a chain, a stick, or an electric mechanism; Sudden pulling action can mechanically damage the control mechanism
  • We do not recommend leaving pleated blinds in the same position (lowered or raised) for extended periods of time, because the folds of the fabric may lose their original shape
  • You must protect the blinds against chemical or mechanical effects. The manufacturer takes no responsibility for chemically or mechanically damaged product
  • Insufficient ventilation of your room may lead to accumulation of condensed water on the fabric
  • If your pleated blinds stop functioning properly, immediately contact our representatives


  • pleated blinds van be installed between glazing beads or on the window frame (or niche)

REGULATED using a handle, a string, a chain, a stick, or an electris mechanism 

The standart set compromises:

Holders, fabric, profiles, controlling mechanizm

The COLOURS of the blind profile and its plastic components differ:

  • Profile colour options: white, dark brown, brass
  • Colour options for plastic components: white, grey, black
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