Roller blind

Advantages of roller blinds prekyba roletais

Dependinh on the selected fabric, roller blinds can be used for

  • darkening the room
  • maintaining privacy
  • blocking the heat (the rays) of the sun
  • as an integral part of the interior
  • wide range of textures, colours, and shades
  • a range of colours of mechanisms
  • roller blinds can be adapted to windows, walls, and ceilings of all types
  • in the case of hinged windows, the roller blind fabric remains close to the glass
  • selected types of fabrics are adaptable for wet areas
  • roller blinds can be regulated not only from top to bottom, bus also from botttom to top 

Roller blinds can be ornamented with a wavy trim at the bottom

Technical specefications of roller blinds

Roller blinds can be installed
roletu prekyba 1

  • Adjacent to the glass (window frame)
  • In the window niche
  • On the wall
  • To the ceiling
  • On the skylight

Our range of fabrics includes

  • Special technical fabrics for sunlight control
  • Fabrics for darkening the room and increasing privacy
  • For supplementing integral parts of the interior
  • For hildren's room
  • Damp - proof fabrics
  • Dual layer fabrics
  • Available regulation options: using a chain or an electric mechanism
  • A possibility to fixate blinds at a desired height
  • Maximum dimensions of roller blinds directly depend on technical characteristics of the fabric

Do you know that...

When you choose the bottom - top roller blinds you will enjoy a number of benefits with only one product

  • privacy
  • you will cover only the lower part of the window which will make you invisible to passers-by, while letting the natural light in through the uncovered part of the window
  • you will regulate the intensity of light


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