Security blinds

Roller shutters can be installed to a window frame, in the niche, or on the wall. Offers a number of roller shutter solutions, ranging from classic manual apsauginiu zaliuziu techniniai duomenysregulation to cutting - edge electric mechanisms with an array of extra functions. The shutters can be regulated manually (using a string), mechanically (using a handle), or electrically (via an electric mechanism) with an ordinary or a key switch. There is also a remote control option.

Roller schuters

  • Protects against unwanted glances and increases privacy at home
  • Protects your windows against strong wind, rain, and direct sunlight. Helps protect interior elements against the damae from the direct rays of the sun.
  • Save sup to 10 per cent of heat normally lost through windows (saves on heating expenses during the cold season)
  • Helps save on air - conditioning expenses during the summer months
  • When connected to the security system, increases the security of your buildings
  • You can match the shutters witg the facade of the building (a wide selection of profile colours)
  • A possibility to integrate (hide) the shutter mechanism in the external finish of the building

Roll - formed profiles are made of aluminum lath with a double - layer polyruthane coating and integrated polyamide pardicles (PUR/PA). Polyamide particles are distingiushed by its greater hardness and resistance to wearing out. They are added into the poly urethane base to improve the mechanical properties of the coating. 

Shutter boxes and end caps

  • 20 ir 45 degree
  • Round and quarter - round
  • built - in shutter boxes

Standart colours of roller schutters:window without roller shutter and with

  • brown (RAL8014)
  • white (RAL9016)
  • grey (RAL7038)
  • sand (RAL9001)

Roller shutter systems are an effecitive energy saving factor 

Efficiency of roller shutters usage during cold seasons has been proved in BEINIIs R&D laboratory.

  • Roller shutters sidnificantly increase overall thermal resistance of the window: 35 - 40 % our region areas
  • Thermal losses through windows amount to 22% of total thermal losses of the building; roller
  • Combined annual effect thanks to usage of Dextera roller shutters equals to 35 kW*h of thermal energy for 1 m2 of the window; for southern region it equals 30 kW*h.
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